Miraplacid Binary DOM SDK

Miraplacid Binary Document Object Model (Binary DOM) provides easy access to binary files in known formats. It can be used for binary data analysis and modification. It was designed with following scenarios in mind:
  1. Company receives huge amount of binary documents or media files, and need to keep track of them. Company uses Miraplacid Binary DOM technology to access these files and get some information like date, media size in pixels, or spatial coordinates.
  2. Company needs to update some fields in binary files.
  3. Company needs to extract some data from binary files and save it in some other format, or just convert binary files from one format to the other.
  4. Company needs to data-mine a huge binary file with thousands of data chunks.
Miraplacid Binary DOM is similar to DOM for XML and HTML, but it is not limited to <TAG></TAG> - like formats. It can read all kind of files - pictures, video, music, documents, etc., and provide interface to access and modify binary document tree. "Binary" does not exclude text files - INI, XML and other text formats are supported too.
Miraplacid Binary DOM is compatible with Microsoft Dotnet 2.0. It also works with the latest Mono. It can be integrated with other software to provide easy access to internals of binary files, to modify binary files, or to create binary files from scratch.
Miraplacid Binary DOM Software Development Kit (SDK) 2.2 contains detailed technical documentation and examples to demonstrate the power of Binary DOM technology.

How it works: of course, it cannot be done without knowing the binary file format. Both Miraplacid Binary DOM and Miraplacid Data Viewer rely on Miraplacid Binary Data Definition (.bdd) files, which contain definitions for internal binary file structure. All the .bdd files included into the Miraplacid software package, as well as all the .bdd files posted on a community web site http://BinaryDOM.com are licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike CC BY-SA 3.0. This license permits you to modify .bdd files and use them in commercial products.

Binary DOM SDK contains BinaryDOM PowerShell Snapin module.
BinaryDOM PowerShell Snapin (PowerShell Provider) is an auxiliary component represented as a library (dll) file intended for use within Power Shell.
With this snapin, you may mount any valid file of supported format as a drive and enumerate, get, set, copy, move, remove, clear, get and set content of each individual element of document, and save the result.

Miraplacid Binary Viewer is a tool based on Miraplacid Binary DOM Library. It uses Binary DOM tehnology in read-only mode - just a sofisticated binary viewer.
Your tools based on Binary DOM may use full strength of the technology, including document edition, creation, verification and transformation.

Miraplacid Binary DOM SDK can be uninstalled anytime.

Binary DOM Licensing

Miraplacid Binary DOM and Miraplacid Data Viewer are distributed under Commercial license.
If you are going to do commercial software development based on Miraplacid Binary DOM technology, you need to purchase one or more licenses. When you install a software product based on the Binary DOM technology on a computer, you must register it. If more than one Binary DOM product installed on a single computer, only one registration is required.
For commercial use, you have the following options:
  • If you will distribute fixed (small) amount of licenses, we recommend you to register as a Reseller, purchase amount of licenses you need online, then log in to our web site and generate registration keys at your convenience.
    Of course, you can also use Binary Viewer/Binary DOM SDK purchase form for business usage to generate / purchase licenses for your customers, but using reseller status has some preferences:
    1. You will get the lowest price ($30.95) for Binary DOM library due to reseller discount.
    2. You will have convenient Reseller Control Panel, where you will have acsess to all your reseller activities.
    3. Reseller system allows you to register a copy of embedded Binary DOM library from your software transparently and silently, with help of online registration service.
  • Unlimited Version. Unlimited version of Binary DOM SDK does not require registration.
    It is a rational choice if you need a few hundred licenses or more. There is another reason to use unlimited version - when you do not want you customers to worry about registration codes.
    Unlimited version of Binary DOM SDK license costs $2990, but we can negotiate a discount if the product will be used by your employees only, used only in some specific industry, etc.
    Unlimited SDK is not available online. It will be provided to you at no charge as soon as you purchase Unlimited license for the product.
All requests regarding educational licenses, restricted usage, etc, should be directed to our support service.

Purchase Online

Here, you may purchase a license of Binary DOM Library. Or, you may register as a Reseller. If you buy 5 licenses or more, you are eligable for discount price $30.95.
Purchase Business License
 Price: $49.95 (1 - 4 licenses)
  $39.95 (5 - 19 licenses)
  $31.95 (20+ licenses)
 Trial period: 15 days
Purchase Miraplacid Binary DOM SDK

Download Binary DOM SDK - Windows installer

Download this package to install SDK on Windows interactively (installation wizard). Program group and icons will be created.

Download Binary DOM SDK
 File: 2.2M
 Last update: April 29, 2014

Download Binary DOM SDK - Silent console installer

Use this installer on Linux / Unix - Mono .Net required.
To start installation process, run "mono MiraplacidBinaryDOMSDK.exe".

Will also work on Windows as silent installer.
This installer will work on Windows as well, but will install files to Program Files only and will not create Programs group and icons on Desktop, etc.

Download Binary DOM SDK
 File: 1.9M
 Last update: April 29, 2014

New in version 2.2

  1. Code is optimized and works faster up to 10%
  2. New BinaryDOM PowerShell Snapin module
  3. New DocumentEnumerator class which simplified using documents in LINQ queries
  4. BinSchemaSet class is refactored; now it allows to work with several documents simultaneously
  5. Several bugs fixed in code and documentation

New in version 2.1

  1. Code is slightly optimized
  2. Forward references allowed via Alterview mechanism
  3. Annotations without values allowed
  4. New schemas included
  5. Several bugs fixed in code and documentation

New in version 2.0

  1. New version of library works 50% faster
  2. Improvements in binary data format - ternary operation support added, octal numbers supported, etc.
  3. Pointer type
  4. Node dependencies - analytics support

Online documentation


If you need support, or have questions or suggestions, contact us via e-mail support@miraplacid.com