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General Information

Miraplacid Scripting Components (MSC) is a set of Active Server components you can use from your stand-alone scripting applications and ASP pages (VBScript and JScript).
Miraplacid Scripting Components is the first third-party ASP toolkit with Unix/Linux support.
Windows and Unix/Linux versions have absolutely identical interface and functionality.
100% Microsoft IIS ASP and UNIX/Linux Chili!ASP (now Sun ONE Active Server Pages) compatibility.
You can just copy your ASP code from Windows to Linux and it will work!


  1. Easy ASP-based websites migration from Windows platform to Linux/Unix. No ASP code modification necessary.
  2. Test and debug web pages and scripts on user-friendly Windows testing environment, lets say Microsoft Visual InterDev, then upload ready-to-use scripts and pages to powerful UNIX/Linux production server.
  3. Develop universal system-independent web server solutions.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. If you need to create a sophisticated ASP application for a Linux server, we recommend you to install MS IIS server and MS Developer Studio on Windows2000/XP PC together with Win32 version of Miraplacid Components, debug the application and then just copy it to Linux server. You need to install MyOleDB (MyODBC) on Windows PC to access MySQL database (you use MySQL database on Linux server, aren't you?)
  2. Use MCBlob component wherever you need to handle binary data like image, compressed file or Base64-encoded data. Need to save it to database? No problems!
  3. Enjoy Microsoft Scripting! It's free and highly effective tool. We use it instead of Perl on our developer's PCs to process files, adjust remote databases and try tricky ASP code and components. It's easy to make a stand-alone script from your ASP code or vice versa.

Technical Info:

Currently supported platforms:
  • Red Hat Linux version 6.2 or above + Chili!ASP version 3.6
  • Red Hat Linux version 6.2 or above + Chili!ASP version 3.6.2 (Sun ONE Active Server Pages)
  • Windows + IIS version 4.0 or above
  • Windows + Windows Scripting Host or any COM-compliant software
Important Technical links:


The following Scripting Components are currently released:
  • MSCCrypto 2.0 - SHAREWARE - protect sensitive information on your site using strong cryptography - trial period 15 days.
  • MSCABImage 2.0 - SHAREWARE - protect your site from bombing by form-sending robots - trial period 15 days.
  • MSCUpload 2.0 - SHAREWARE - upload multiple files from one form - trial period 15 days.
  • MSCGzip 2.0 - SHAREWARE - add compression abilities to your ASP scripts - trial period 15 days.
  • MSCExec 2.0 - SHAREWARE (Linux version) - run OS command or application from your ASP code - trial period 15 days.
  • MSCBlob 2.0 - FREEWARE - the easiest way to handle binary data from ASP code.

What's new in version 2.0

The following changes has been made in this release:
  • MSCPack package is removed from MSC products line
  • Bug fixed in MSCBlob; now it generates correct base64 string
  • Most components use MSCBlob, so, all component's version has been promoted to 2.0
  • All components: keycodes are different from ones for version 1.x.
  • All Windows components:
    • New GUI easy-to-use installer applied to Windows components
    • Type libraries included to all Windows components. Now, you may include them statically in your VB projects.
  • MSCCrypto 2.0 is not compatible with 1.x:
    • Keygen method in symmetric algorithms derives key directly from value provided by programmer; this behavour makes MSCCrypto 2.0 symmetric algorithms compatible with some simple implementations, like Perl crypto library (Perl Crypt:: packages). Previous version (1.x) applies additional permutations with this data. That means that:
      • Keys will be not the same (as in prevoius version)
      • Data encrypted with prevous version will not be successfully decrypted with version 2.0.
      To make a key of cryptographically acceptable quality, there is not enough to feed plain password to keygen function. It is strongly recomended to use MSCCryptoMisc.Keygen method. For details, see documentation.
    • New symmetric algorithms - Cast5 (or CAST-128) and TripleDES provided
    • New hash function Ripemd and checksum CRC24 provided
    • OpenPGP/PGP - compatible tool, MSCCryptoPGP, is available now. It allows you to exchange symmetrically encrypted information between MSCCrypto and various cryptographic applications
    To migrate from MSCCrypto 1.x to 2.0, you need to decrypt your data, uninstall 1.x, install 2.0, re-generate passwords and re-encrypt the data. All data stored as base64-encoded text, should be decoded with version 1.x first, then re-encoded after 2.0 install.
  • MSCUpload.Form property now returns all the form contents in a single string. Useful for debugging.

Discuss Miraplacid Scripting Components at our forum.
If you need support or have questions/suggestions, contact us via e-mail support@miraplacid.com
Requests regarding developing custom Windows/Unix/Linux ASP components also welcomed.
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