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Licensing options and Prices


Licensing Policy

For your convenience Miraplacid offers you pretty flexible licensing approach.

Any person who wishes to download and use Miraplacid Scripting Components must accept the license agreement, without change. There are 3 license agreements - Free, End User and Developer Unlimited Servers.

End User license is suitable for web hosters or server owners who need to use the Components internally in their companies. For web hosters this license allows to get fees for using the Components.

Developer Unlimited Servers license allows you to install the Components on your clients servers together with your software solutions. License does not allow you to install the Components to any third-party servers including your client's servers without your software solution. Your clients are not allowed to use the Components otherwise that as a part of your software solution.

Please choose the appropriate license agreement and review it carefully before using the components. You can choose different license agreements for different components. You cannot use the same component under more than one license agreement however. By downloading and using the components, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions of the appropriate license agreement.

You may purchase components and packages online by clicking on prices in price lists.

Pricing Information

License Agreements for Miraplacid Scripting Components

Additional Notes

MSCExec Component for Windows and MSCBlob Component for all platforms are freeware. [License Agreement]

Please direct your queries regarding bulk prices to our Sales Department.
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