Become a Reseller of Miraplacid

Registering as Miraplacid products Distributor means that you agree with terms and conditions of Miraplacid Distributor Agreement.
Please, read it carefully before registration.
Here is how Miraplacid Reseller Program works:
• You fill out the form below and register
• You log in to password-protected reseller area and purchase licenses. If you purchase 5 licenses or more, you pay reseller price. If you purchasde one or two, you will pay regular retail price till you reach total of 5 licenses, then you will pay reseller price.
• When you resell software to your customers, you login to reseller area, enter your customer first and last name and generate a registration keycode. You provide the keycode to the customer to register his copy of the product. You can generate a keycode for every copy of software you purchased.
• When you need more licenses, just login to reseller area and purchase them.

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