Colors and Background Settings

When you print to Miraplacid Publisher, Preview window pops up. If you click on "Settings" button on the Preview Window toolbar, Settings dialog will open. Settings dialog has several tabs discussed here. This document describes Colors and Background Settings.

Miraplacid Publisher Colors and Background Settings

Color Balance

  1. Hue "rotates" image colors.
  2. Saturation makes colors brighter or fade them down.
  3. Value makes image brighter or darker.
  4. Gamma changes image gamma. It is similar to Value, but it does not make white gray.
  5. Grayscale makes image grayscale.
  6. Invert changes image colors to opposite. It makes white black and vice versa.
  7. Default Use this button to set all the above settings to their default values.
  8. Reset Use this button to set all the above settings to values loaded from configuration.

Background image

You may set background image which will be placed "under" printing document. This may be useful if you use forms for printing your documents. Currently supported images in GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Bitmap, TGA formats of images of any colors and dimensions.
Backgroung image will be stretched on printing surface before rendering your document page. So, it may be necessary to specially prepare background image to prevent its distortion.

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