Miraplacid Text Driver SDK Licensing

This page describes volume licensing and SDK licensing issues for Miraplacid Text Driver.

Volume Licensing

We offer volume discounts for Miraplacid Text Driver.

If you need 100 licenses or more, please email our sales department at sales@miraplacid.com.

Integration: distribute Miraplacid Text Driver as a part of your product

If you need to distribute Miraplacid Text Driver as a part of your solution, you have to make following decisions:

1. Do you need standard or custom version? You can choose from:

2. Do you need fixed amount of licenses or unlimited version?
(for standard, custom, and SDK-based versions)
You can choose from:

Unlimited version of Miraplacid Text Driver SDK does not require registration. It is a rational choice if you need a few hundred licenses or more. There is another reason to use unlimited version - when you do not want you customers to worry about registration codes. Please see installation and registration scenarious below.

Unlimited version of Miraplacid Text Driver SDK license costs $3000, but we can negotiate a discount if the product will be used by your employees only, used only in some specific industry, will have significant functionality limitations comparing to the statndard Miraplacid Text Driver, etc.
We also offer unlimited versions of the standard Miraplacid Text Driver for $3000 but we do not offer discounts here and we do not allow to provide it to any third-party - you can only install it on your employees PCs.

SDK Licensing Options

Miraplacid Text Driver SDK is free, but you have to buy licenses for every computer where you insall your product. You can download SDK from Miraplacid web site.
Unlimited SDK is not available online. It will be provided to you at no charge as soon as you purchase unlimited license for the product.

Installation and registration scenarious

If you need to install Miraplacid Text Driver as a part of your solution, you have following for installation:

Please see SDK documentation and examples for more details

You have following options for product registration:

Licensing Restriction

We have two concerns that affect our licensing policies

Besides, we do not allow licensee to reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble our software and we do not allow our licensee to provide any part of Unlimited SDK to any third party without our written permission.

Custom Virtual Drivers

Miraplacid staff will be glad to implement custom version of Miraplacid Text Driver for you and help you with integration. Custom versions with custom registration, installation and simple user interface (let's say, you just need to upload result files to specific FTP server and you do not need all the bells and wistles of Miraplacid Text Driver) starts from $1995 (licenses not included).