What is Miraplacid Publisher

Miraplacid Publisher is software to take snapshot images from documents. Miraplacid installer adds a new printer to the system. Printer name is "Miraplacid Publisher". When you print to this "printer", Miraplacid Publisher dialog pops up. You can preview the printed image, scale it, crop borders, adjust colors and gamma and so on. Then you can save it to image file, print to a real printer or upload to a server.

Miraplacid Publisher consists of the following components:

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What is Miraplacid Publisher Software Development Kit (SDK)

Miraplacid Publisher SDK includes

Miraplacid Publisher SDK works only on Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.x/Windows 10 and contain driver for these platforms only.
That means, custom driver built with SDK setupmaker will only work on Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.x/Windows 10.

Do you need SDK or regular Miraplacid Publisher is what you need?

Miraplacid Publisher saves all the settings to system registry as a set of profiles. It means, that you can set it once and use it over and over. If you never change settings, just turn auto-save mode on and Miraplacid Publisher will not bug you with UI dialog. You can add something like {{DATE}}, {{JOB}} and {{PAGE}} to path or filename, and all the result images will be saved separately.

If it works for you, you probably do not need the SDK.

All the Miraplacid Publisher controls you can see on Miraplacid Publisher UI dialog, also available through COM interface. In fact, UI communicates with Core through COM. It means, that you can write a script or application to manage printing process.

If this is what you need, you still can do it without using SDK.

There are the folowing cases when you need the SDK:

How to start working with SDK

With Miraplacid Publisher SDK you will prepare printer driver installation package and install the driver on your PC.
If you skip these steps and launch some sample application, you will probably get an error mesage, cause some SDK components require proper registration and installation.
  1. Launch setupmaker.exe. Default settings work fine. Press Ok button.
  2. Copy mpublisher.dll generated by setupmaker.exe to examples.vb\setupui or examples.net\MP_SE_Setup folder.
  3. Launch Setup.exe and press Install button.
Now you can start over and change settings or play with other SDK modules.
So what did we just do?
setupmaker.exe is a printer driver installation Wizard. It created printer driver installer dll (mpublisher.dll).
examples.vb\setupui\Setup.exe is a live example of custom Publisher setup utility. It loads mpublisher.dll from the current folder (that is why we have to copy it first) and calls installation handler. mpublisher.dll installs virtual printer driver to the system.

Custom Installer

mpublisher.dll does not include dialogs. You can implement your own UI if you need one. There is pretty straightforward setup sample UI on VB6 in folder examples.vb\setupui\

If you integrate Miraplacid Publisher into your software, you will probably prefer to use single UI for all your components and call Miraplacid Installation and Uninstallation functions form there.

There are two ways how you can integrate the installer with your system:

COM interface will give you error details and progress information.

See sample setup UI in folders \examples.vb\setupui and \examples.net\MP_SE_Setup

These interfaces are described here

Custom User Interface

Your UI does not have to look like Miraplacid Publisher UI. You might want to manage Miraplacid Publisher core form your software rather than write a stand-alone UI executable. Just create an instance of object MP with events (if you write on VB – or implement COM events sink if you write on C++/C#), call MP methods, change properties and handle events.

See sample UI in folders \examples.vb\customui and \examples.net\MP_SE_UI

You will find more information on MP Core programming here

Software Registration

When you install Miraplacid Publisher, it shows "Trial Period" dialog with "Register" and "Continue" buttons. You can register it or continue using for 15 days. After 15 days "Continue" button disappear and you have to register or stop using Miraplacid Publisher.

If you integrate Miraplacid Publisher into your software and do not want your customers to register Miraplacid Publisher manually, you can do it through COM interface.

You will find the interface description here

See registration example in folders \examples.vb\register and \examples.net\MP_SE_Reg.

If you integrate Miraplacid Publisher into your software, you really have three options:

See Miraplacid Publisher SDK licensing agreement for details

Software Licensing

You will need Miraplacid Publisher software license for yourself when SDK trial period expired. You will also need software licenses for your customers. Miraplacid Publisher licenses can be purchased from Miraplacid web site.

We strongly recommend you to sign up a reseller to purchase licenses. As soon as you purchase 5 first licenses, you will get big discount on all following licenses.

Here is how Miraplacid reseller program works:

If buying and installing licenses is too complicated in your case, consider purchasing Unlimited version of Miraplacid Publisher SDK.
Please contact us: sales@miraplacid.com

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