System Settings

When you print to Miraplacid Text Driver, Preview window pops up. If you click on "Settings" button on the Preview Window toolbar, Settings dialog will open. Settings dialog has several tabs discussed here. This document describes System Settings.

Miraplacid Text Driver System Settings

System Options

  1. AutoSave - If you need to convert many documents with the same settings, try to turn AutoSave on. Miraplacid Text Driver will no longer wait for your input. It would process all printed documents just like if you would push "Save All" button.
  2. Pop-up on print job - You can minimise Miraplacid Text Driver to system tray. If you turn option off, Preview dialog will not pop up even if new print job arrive.
  3. Always show system tray icon - When this option is tirned on, Miraplacid Text Driver tray icon does not disappear from the system tray even when Preview Dialog is on a screen.
  4. Identity option is an auto-increment number corresponding to {{IDENTITY}} tag. You may control this setting value here.

Administrative Buttons group

  1. Advanced button - opens Advanced Settings software.
  2. My Printers button - opens Printer management section of installation software.

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