Miraplacid Publisher Terminal Server Edition

Platform: Windows 2008/Windows 7/Windows 8.x/Windows 10/Windows 11. 32/64 bit platforms supported

With Miraplacid Publisher 2022 software you can convert any document to a set of images. Anyone can open your document across a broad range of hardware and software, and it will look exactly as you intended - with layout, fonts, and images intact. No one can modify or copy and paste your texts.

Terminal Server Edition is special version of Miraplacid Publisher designed for multi-user Terminal Server environment.

After installation on your PC, Miraplacid Publisher appears as a new virtual printer in your system. All the documents you print to this printer will be opened in a preview dialog. You scale the image, adjust hue, saturation and value, get rid of unused white borders, and do some other image processing. Then you can save resulting images to disk, upload to FTP or HTTP server, email, or print them to a real printer.

Miraplacid Publisher (Image Printer Driver) Settings Dialog Miraplacid Publisher (Image Printer Driver) Preview Window

Miraplacid Publisher supports following output formats: PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, TGA. When redirecting to a printer, reduce saturation to save color cartridge or increase value to save black ink. Use borders detector in manual mode to set printing area when you need to print only the document part you need.

Miraplacid Publisher adds icon to the terminal server desktop. All the documents you drag and drop to this icon will be printed behind the scenes and processed by Miraplacid Publihser. Turn "Auto Send" on if you want Miraplacid Publisher to send images to chosen destinations without waiting for your input.

Filenames and paths of the resulting files can be constructed using special tags:

{{TERMINAL}}, {{DOCNAME}}, {{EXT}}, {{USER}}, {{MACHINE}}, {{SYSFOLDER}}, {{PAGE}}, {{IDENTITY}}, {{JOB}}, {{DATE}} or {{TIME}}.

They will be replaced with appropriate values.

With external script or custom User Interface, you may edit current print job before it will be saved.

Publisher works as an external "Save as" feature for printer-ready software systems which allows to send document snapshot to various destinations.

Publisher may perform this job automatically, in AutoSend mode.

Miraplacid Publisher is integration-ready software. All the settings can be easily managed from your software or script.

Miraplacid Publisher can be uninstalled anytime.

Customers of versions 2015, 2018 and 2020 may upgrade for FREE, just reinstall Publisher.

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Command line License Manager

On some systems with many users in domain or domains forest, Standard GUI License Manager may hang collecting all users from system. To avoid this situation, we released a simple command line console License Manager.
To allow users to have access to pirnters, you will need to provide all their names in command line of this utility.
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Download 64-bit version

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Miraplacid Publisher 2022 includes all the features missed in previous versions you asked for. If you think that something is still missing, please email us and we will do our best to add it to the next version of Miraplacid Publisher.

If you need support, or have questions or suggestions, contact us via e-mail support@miraplacid.com

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PDF comments

There are two ways to create PDF file from a document - text-based and image-based. The difference is in text representation. You can save text and font settings or you can convert text to a raster image and save the Image. Image-based PDF is usually produce slightly larger file, but it is guaranteed to look identically on every computer. Miraplacid Publisher and Miraplacid Screen Capture work with snapshot image copies of documents rather than with text documents itself. That is why Miraplacid products produce image-based PDF files rather than text-based. If you have concerns about PDF file size, please use appropriate software from Adobe or third party vendors. We recommend you to choose software able to convert your document format directly to text-based PDF file for better results.
PDF files generated by Miraplacid Publisher are compatible with any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.