February 25th, 2009
Miraplacid Product Line Update - Another big step toward perfection
Miraplacid released Miraplacid Publisher and Miraplacid Text Driver 2009. Miraplacid Publisher makes snapshot images of document pages. Miraplacid Text Driver extracts text from documents.
In the Perfect World, every software product would allow you to save document as image, or export it as a plain text. All pieces of software from different vendors would integrate smoothly, even the old and odd ones. Unfortunately, it is not always true. There are still to many industries without industry standards, or with too many standards not mutually recognized. Miraplacid Publisher and Miraplacid Text Driver are not silver bullets, but they definitely can help in the most of cases.
Miraplacid Publisher is for saving document pages as images, or as single multi-page image file, or PDF. Miraplacid Text Driver is for extracting bulk or formatted text from a document. After installation on a PC, both products appear as new virtual printers in the system. All the documents printed to these "printers" will be previewed and processed. In Miraplacid Publisher, user can scale and crop the image, adjust colors and gamma, then save in JPEG, BMP, PNG, PDF, TIFF or TGA format, upload to FTP or HTTP server, send by email or forward to a another printer. In Miraplacid Text Driver, user can edit extracted text, then save it to hard drive, send by email; upload to a server or print.
Both virtual drivers can work with or without user interaction. There file and folder names generation is easily configurable - you can put each page into separate file or folder, use date, time and page number in the file name, and much more.
Both products have SDKs available for free download. They can be completely customized - you can implement your custom user interface, plug-ins, and installer; you can change virtual printer driver name and use your company name instead of Miraplacid.
New version works faster, makes preview navigation more convenient with direct go-to-page-number, and has administration page with some advanced settings like logging control for advanced troubleshooting. Additional configurations show up as additional virtual printer drivers. If user needs to send some documents by email, upload other once to a server, and save the rest to files, Miraplacid products will create three virtual printers for him, and all he need to do from then is just choose to which virtual printer to print.
Miraplacid Text Driver and Miraplacid Publisher 2009 can be installed on Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Terminal Server Editions of Miraplacid Publisher and Text Driver are designed for Microsoft Server 2003 and 2008.
Miraplacid Text Driver is available for download from
Miraplacid Publisher is available for download from

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