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July 26th, 2011
Binary File is no longer a black box
Miraplacid released a new line of products - Data Viewer and Binary DOM SDK.
If software reads a binary file it previously created, it is usually works fine. If, however, software reads a file written by some other software, it might not get all the details correctly. If those pieces of software do not support the same data format, then data format should be converted. If some information is lost or not converted correctly, is it a problem with converter or with import, or maybe it was not exported right in the first place? It is hard to tell, because binary file is a black box, and it is really hard to see what is inside.
Miraplacid Software, Inc come up with technology to access internals of a binary file as conveniently as XML Document Object Model (DOM) lets us work with XML file. Just like XML DOM, Binary DOM represents internals of Binary file as a tree. Internals of a binary file can be read, modified, and re-grouped as much as the binary file format allows it. Miraplacid Binary DOM can create binary file from scratch too. Binary file can be validated against selected binary file format, which is handy for modified and newly created files, as well as for binary files received from a third party.
A good example of how the technology can be used is Miraplacid Data Viewer. It shows internal file structure on a screen as a tree, and highlights selected tree item in a hex-decimal view. Other possible uses include binary data mining and filtering, adding tags to binary files, file format conversion, and software integration.
Miraplacid Binary DOM technology requires binary file format definition. Many popular format definitions are already included into the Binary DOM package. More format definitions will be available via community web site
Both Miraplacid Data Viewer and Binary DOM SDK are free for individual users and educational institutions and available for download from company web site
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