March 17, 2005
Miraplacid Form 2.3: Badges and business cards are forms.
Miraplacid Form scans and fills out paper forms on a PC. Form can be saved as PDF file with fields. Form fields can be merged with data from database or spreadsheet.
Filling out paper forms is not a big fun. Besides, even if you have a legible handwriting, sometimes text shall be printed with typewriter. Of course, computer can help you here, but you need appropriate software.
Miraplacid Form will help you to type text exactly where you need it with font you need and color you need. Just scan the form and place text fields with mouse. You can save the form and fill it out again later. You can even use it as PDF forms creator - export your form to PDF file with editable fields.
Miraplacid Forms Viewer can load comma delimited (CSV) file and merge it with form. Let's say, you have hundreds of clients in a database and need to print some form for everyone. Scan the form into Miraplacid Form, add "First Name", "Last Name" and other fields, export data from the database to CSV file, load the CSV file to Miraplacid Form, bind data columns to form fields with mouse drag and drop operation and click "Print". Moreover, you can tile your form and print multiple forms per sheet. Imagine how it will simplify printing of small items like business cards, badges and invitations - don't forget about merging with names list in CSV file! Besides, you can save the data you entered or changes to CSV file and import it to your database or spreadsheet.

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