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February, 1, 2010
Miraplacid Publisher 2010 - Performance, compatibility, more control over print job
Summary: Miraplacid Software, Inc released Miraplacid Publisher 2010. Miraplacid Publisher converts printed documents to images. Version 2010 provides better performance, better compatibility with new versions of Windows, more control over print job, and printing over background image support.
Miraplacid Publisher creates snapshot images of document pages. After the installation it appears in a system as an additional printer. Pages of a printed document show up in a preview window. Miraplacid Publisher has controls to scale document snapshot, crop white borders, adjust colors and gamma, convert image to JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PDF or some other graphics format, then save to disk, print to a real printer, send by email, or upload to a server. Miraplacid Publisher has automatic mode where all the printed documents are processed and saved with no user interaction.
New version works faster, makes preview navigation more convenient, and has administration page with some advanced settings like logging control for advanced troubleshooting. It is 100% compatible with Windows 7 and Vista. New option "Background image" allows user to print document over some forms or image.
Miraplacid Publisher SDK is available for free download, but the driver it generates requires a license. The driver can be completely customized - user can implement a custom user interface, plug-ins, and installer. User can change virtual printer driver name and use her company name instead of Miraplacid.
Miraplacid Publisher is available for download from

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