January 3, 2006
Miraplacid Publisher 5.2 SDK - document to image conversion component
Summary: Miraplacid Publisher Software Development Kit generates custom virtual printer driver to be embedded into document processing software solutions. The driver saves printed document pages as images and provides image processing functionality.
Miraplacid Publisher is document to images conversion software. After installation it appears as a new virtual printer in the system. All documents printed to this "printer" go to image processing engine. Miraplacid Publisher scales and crops images, adjusts colors and gamma, converts them to JPEG, TIFF or other image format, then saves to disk, uploads to server or prints to a real printer.
The main part of Miraplacid Publisher SDK is a Wizard where software developer can specify his company name, desired driver name and similar settings. Wizard generates printer driver installer to be embedded into software solution installation routine. The driver has COM interface and can be easily integrated into other software products. Main software product has control over all image processing and saving settings and can receive notification event when document page is printed, image is saved and so on. If the main software does not want to bother with event handling, it can turn auto-send mode on. The driver will process and save images with default settings automatically.
Neither driver nor driver installer has user interface by default. Software developer can implement his own user interface or modify sample driver user interface and installer user interface included into the SDK in source codes.
Miraplacid Publisher Software Development Kit is free. It can be downloaded from Miraplacid web site. However, developer has to buy a license for every copy of the redistributable driver he installs.



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