Press Release

March 03, 2005
Miraplacid Scripting Components 2.0 released
Miraplacid Scripting Components 2.0 for Windows and Linux ASP include Upload, Crypto, GZip, AnitBot, Exec and Blob. Crypto component now support OpenPGP compatibility and new algorithms including Cast-5 and TripleDES.

Miraplacid Scripting Components are useful in Windows and Linux Active Server Pages Web Apllications as well as in stand-alone applications. Crypto component supports RSA, AES, Blowfish, Twofish, Cast5, TripleDES plus hashing and CRC algorithm. Version 2 includes OpenPGP compatible extension. Upload component is for uploading one or multiple files on ASP pages. GZip component is for data compressing and decompressing. AntiBot is for protecting Web forms from bot data submission. You can add it to your registration form and robots will stop bugging you with bulk registrations. Exec is for running OS commands or applications. Free Blob component provides an easy way of managing binary data from your scripts, including conversion binary data from and to hexadecimal code and Base64 encoding.
New installer for Windows version or Miraplacid Scripting Components makes setup process quick and simple.
You can download trial version of Miraplacid Scripting Components from Miraplacid Web Site.

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