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February 1st, 2010
Miraplacid Text Driver 2010 - in tune with the industry
Miraplacid released version 2010 of Miraplacid Text Driver with focus on Windows 7 compatibility, speed and text rendering quality. RSS/Atom output support.
Year 2010 has just begun. IT World is still far from perfect. While general-purpose software makes bold moves toward open document standards, many industry-specific software vendors are stick to proprietary file formats. Often, the only way to make these products from different vendors work together is to print the document to a virtual printer driver, extract text, and feed it to the other product.
Miraplacid just released version 2010 of Miraplacid Text Driver. Like the previous versions, it installs itself an additional printer to the Windows system. All the documents printed to this "printer" show up in a preview window (unless "silent" mode is turned on), and saved to a hard drive as a plain text with or without formatting. It can also send extracted file by email, post it remote server, copy to clipboard, or print a copy to a real printer. To simplify some integration scenarios, version 2010 includes RSS and Atom output format.
Miraplacid Text Driver 2010 is fully controllable via COM interface. It works smooth with dotnet software, and can be easily integrated with older and non-dotnet products. Moreover, all the settings can be configured from a shell script.
Just like other companies, Miraplacid works hard to speed up their products. Miraplacid Text Driver 2010 works 20% faster than 2009 version, which was 40% faster than version 2008.
The other big challenge is text rendering. Converting graphics page to text-only document is never straightforward. Each version of Miraplacid Text Driver provides some improvements in rendering quality, and version 2010 is not an exception. It can extract text properly from a document with the trickiest layout, and make it look very close to the original document.
Miraplacid Text Driver 2010 is 100% compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Miraplacid Text Driver is available for download from
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