Press Release

Januaty 3, 2005
Miraplacid Text Driver 4.0 - export document to plain text.
Miraplacid Text Driver extracts text from a document. Extracted text can be saved to disk, printed or uploaded to a server.
In the beginning software saved documents as plain text files. Then it used custom text and binary formats. Modern software tends to save everything to XML. XML should solve all the compatibility problems, but in the real World it does not happen. The reason is - old software and new software work together and old software requires old formats or even plain text files. Good for you if your new software has plain text export option. If it does not, try Miraplacid Text Driver.
Miraplacid Text Driver extracts plain text or text with layout from documents. After installation on your PC, Miraplacid Text Driver appears as a new printer in your system. All the documents you print to this "printer" will be previewed and processed by the Miraplacid Text Driver. You can edit extracted text, then save it to your hard drive, upload to a server or print.
Turn "Auto Save Mode" on if you want Miraplacid Text Driver to save extracted text to a file without waiting for your input. If you want every document to be saved to an individual file, add {{DATE}}, {{TIME}}, {{IDENTITY}}, {{PAGE}} or {{JOB}} to the file name or path. They will be replaced with current date, time, some unique number, page number and print job id respectively
Miraplacid Text Driver 4.0 can be installed on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and 2003.

Miraplacid Text Driver is available for download from

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