Press Release

November 23, 2005
Miraplacid Text Driver 4.4 Terminal Server Edition for corporate customers
Summary: Miraplacid released Terminal Server Edition of Miraplacid Text Driver. Miraplacid Text Driver extracts text from documents. Terminal Server Edition makes work group collaboration easier and is less expensive for corporate customers.
Miraplacid Text Driver extracts plain text or text with layout from documents. After installation, Miraplacid Text Driver appears as a new printer in the system. All the documents printed to this "printer" will be previewed and processed by the Miraplacid Text Driver. User can edit extracted text, then save it to the hard drive, upload to a server or print. Miraplacid Text Driver has automatic mode where all the printed documents are processed and saved with no user interaction.
Terminal Server Edition of Miraplacid Text Driver is similar to the regular Miraplacid Text Driver except for Terminal Server support. Unlike the regular Miraplacid Text Driver, Terminal Server Edition need to be installed only on the company Terminal Server. If all the documents are stored on the server and results shall be put there, which is usually the case for businesses, Terminal Edition could be more convenient than the regular Miraplacid Text Driver.
For corporate users, Terminal Edition has three advantages. First, it is easier to install and administrate. It shall be installed only on one system, while regular Miraplacid Text Driver shall be installed to every individual PC. System administrator can allow or disallow users to use Miraplacid Text Driver and manage licenses via convenient dialog-based interface. Second, there is no need to get documents from the server and put results back. And finally, if company need five Miraplacid Text Driver users or more, Terminal Server Edition is significantly less expensive than the regular Miraplacid Text Driver.
Terminal Server Edition of Miraplacid Text Driver available for download from Miraplacid web site.


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